Libertaria: The Virtual Opera

Libertaria: The Virtual Opera

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The Feminine Musique: Multimedia and Women Today uniquely explores avant-garde music from the mid to late twentieth century through the intermedia contributions of notable women such as Laurie Anderson, Pauline Oliveros, Brenda Hutchinson, Maggie Payne, Sylvia Pengilly, Char Davies, and dozens of other talented composers.
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Intermedia: Redefining American Music
Kapralova Society Music Journal Volume 6, Issue 2 pp 9-11

Music and Life Series at Easy Ear Training
Series Author covering topics in music therapy, music education, and the affects of music. Currently is a 12-part series with topics on "Music & the Unborn Child", "The Special Needs Child and Technology", "Child Development and Music", and "The Secret Language Connection". 

US vs. Them: The Creation of an Audiovisual Landscape
Percussive Notes 2006 Vol. 44

In Defense of Music Technology: Adapt or Die

The Difference Between Hearing and Listening: Deep Listening with Composer Pauline Oliveros
Easy Ear

Tips to a Successful Composer-Performer Relationship
Reprinted with permission from the Association for Women Composers

Dream the Dreams of God

99 Ways You Can End Poverty 

Inspired by the words of Archbishop Desmond Tutu. From simple things like donating socks to the local homeless shelter and bringing a meal to a veteran to hosting your own blog or running for office, you will be able to find ways that you can help the poor in your community and throughout the world. Additional educational tools like the Pledge Sheet and the 99 Ways Short List are designed for class settings like churches, schools, universities, clubs, and community centers.

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