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60x60 Latin Mix
The Vox Novus 60x60 Project is an innovative collaboration that involves concerts consisting of sixty short one minute electronic works by sixty composers (thus 60x60). Vox Novus recently celebrated TEN YEARS of 60x60, which has literally involved thousands of composers all over the world. This year I am curating the first 60x60 Latin Mix for Latin American musicians and music inspired by Latin America. Open to any nationality and any musical style, I will be accepting works for this project until October. Please submit your electronic work via Music Avatar. We need a large turnout to make this a successful mix. 

More information HERE:

Yes, my nerdyness has hit a new high! I will be speaking at the October 14th TedX Buffalo event! For all TED lovers and haters, this is going to be an exciting creative event about the latest innovations in Buffalo, focusing on the theme "in motion". 

Circuit Bridges
Another exciting project with Vox Novus, Circuit Bridges attempts to unite electroacoustic musiciansthrough collaborative concert events. Dr. Tomas Henriques at Buffalo State will be directing the innovative Digital Music Ensemble at this April event. We are still looking for one or two Western New York composers to contribute short electroacoustic works (fixed media or live). Those interested can contact me at . Put "Circuit Bridges" in the subject heading.

More information on Circuit Bridges:

Music and fantasy collide in this new commission for percussionist Kurt Gartner. Written for multimedia and Malletkat, Destiny: Eondwyr explores video gaming and comic book fantasy in an innovative new mallet work specifically for the Malletkat, a mallet MIDI controller. I have spent the summer writing new scores for the piece, and will be working on comic book panels that are part of the live multimedia performance. The premier is scheduled for 2015 at Kansas State University.

The 60x60 Athena Mix

A historical one hour electronic concert collaboration between Murray State University's Athena Festival and the Vox Novus 60x60 concert series, the Athena Mix features sixty short electronic works by sixty international women. These compositions feature innovative and legendary composers like Pauline Oliveros, Alice Shields, Brenda Hutchinson, Joan La Barbara, Judith Shatin, Alex Shapiro, Maggie Payne, Laurie Spiegel, Cindy Cox, Annea Lockwood, Elainie Lillios, and countless other composers who are making a mark in contemporary electroacoustic music. 

Composers Sabrina Peña Young and Robert Voisey, founder of Vox Novus and 60x60, juried over 200 submissions from Japan, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, New Zealand, Argentina, Canada, the Ukraine, and the United States. The world premier of the Athena Mix occurred at the Athena Festival at Murray State University, a biennial music festival celebrating the contributions of talented women in composition and performance. Young hosted the concert at Murray State University. The Athena Mix will continue to be presented, first in NYC then internationally, as part of Vox Novus 60x60 Series. 

This contemporary opera is in year two of production! Currently the dozen cast members have been working on the music production end, while animation is in the preproduction stages. You can help support the contemporary opera Libertaria by getting the latest copy of Libertaria: The Virtual Opera (Instrumental). Find out the latest on Libertaria: The Virtual Opera here:

Unravelling Music: Introducing Intervals

An innovative approach to easy ear training, emphasis on easy. I wrote five tracks ranging from rock to ambient to Latin Jazz for this project. Each five minute track has a series of instructional tracks that teach the listener the basics of music, especially intervals.

Sample the tracks here

Body Crash
Teaches you fifths and octaves through exciting electronica. 

Desert Run
Ambient music teaches you about fourths.

A sweet and sentimental piano ballade, partially inspired by the Beatles, helps you learn about thirds as you relax to the sad melody.

What better way to learn about minor scales, minor thirds, and sixths than a rocking Pink Floyd type of tune? Enjoy the banging drums and the psychedelia.

Club Mango
Inspired by an eventful night on Miami's South Beach, Club Mango takes you straight into a sassy world of Latin lounges, Cuban cigars, and hot jazz. 

Free Relaxation Downloads with Easy Ear

  • Angels Take FlightThe flowing rhythms and melodies of the marimba embrace you and your child in a warm auditory embrace. Fluid melodies, repeating, enclosed within circles of luscious synthesized chords, send you into a heavenly realm of sweet slumber.
  • Eva Sleeps TonightThe simple melody of the lullaby, sparse and innocent, conjures up feelings and emotions associated with sleep and childhood. Single notes play together like children.
  • Before the DawnSoothing arpeggios and orchestral strains greet your ears with pleasing chords and a melody that wanders and wavers. Sounds of nature bring up images of a more innocent time, before the hustle and bustle of daily life eclipsed peaceful rest. Close your weary eyes and journey into the quiet land of slumber.
  • Mermaid SongSimplicity of melody and song, plaintive and sweet, calms the mind through joyous song. Slow and sparse, flute and harp create an imaginary dreamland welcoming even the most stressed of minds. Focus on each single note and allow your pains and sorrows to float away.
  • Brown NoiseWhile in the womb, your child enjoyed the constant beating of your heart, the rush of fluid around her ears, and the muffled voices from the world outside. This always active environment is recreated through the sounds of simple "brown" noise, which soothes and calms both mother and child.

Award-winning Animated Short MONICA by Cartoonist Rob Cabrera
Latest fun project has been the film score for Monica by notable cartoonist and animator Rob Cabrera. 

Director, Sean Fleck
Film score for HD visual tapestry called AM/PM by innovative film director Sean Fleck.