Oscar winning composer AR Rahman composing technique.

Double oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire composer AR Rahman talks about scoring music for the Bollywood flick Jodha Akbar.

How To Make A Song In Garageband - Full Tutorial

Record your songs in Garageband with an iMac and NO other equipment! All you need is an acoustic guitar & headphones and you can record acoustic songs or rock songs! This video shows you the complete process from start to finish!

How to Compose Music - Lesson 1 - How to Write a Melody

Learn how to compose music, from start to finish.

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In this course, you'll learn about melody, harmony, form, accompaniment, dynamics, articulations and how to make your music generally sound good.

Study the ways in which Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven all made their music work.

Lesson 1 - How to Write a Melody - Learn about how to write a Basic Idea, the real building block of classical music. The easiest way you've ever seen, to write a convincing melody.

Lesson 2 - Harmony 101 - Learn about harmony, and how to make the basic idea you wrote in lesson 1, fit to different harmonies.

Lesson 3 - The Musical Period - Learn about the musical period, the first of the small theme types that classical composers use in their music.

Lesson 4 - The Musical Sentence - Learn about the musical sentence, the second of the small theme …

Guitar Lesson: how to write a song in 5 minutes...

Obviously this isn't all you need to write a hit song, but it'll at least give you a system for coming up with some chords you like.

There's another cool side benefit, if you get used to thinking about chords this way, you'll often come up with something you recognize from another song. When you do that you'll know what the chords are in that other song and you'll recognize that progression in other songs... it's cool.

Why American Christians Care About Nazis: Honest Thoughts About Charlottesville from a Christian Latina Artist's Point of View

Honest Thoughts About Charlottesville from a Christian Latina Artist's Point of ViewIf you come to this blog on a regular basis, you probably know a little bit about me. You know that I am a composer, that I love music, that I dabble in indie filmmaking, and that I am a writer. I am also many other things - Parent, Decent Cook, Percussionist, Christian, and Latina (Cuban/Dominican). In general I keep the blog about music, more from time constraints than from any other reason. I would love to write a hundred blogs a month for my readers, but it's just not possible.
But I could not keep silent about Charlottesville. 
For those that don't know, last weekend Nazi protestors went to Charlottesville, Virginia, to protest the removal of a Confederate statue. Counter protesters (among those a faction from the Antifa - AntiFascist) movement were also there. The Nazis brought assault rifles. The Antifas brought clubs. In the end, a Nazi sympathizer/Trump follower rammed his car into a…

Ultimate guide on studio quality home music recording at very low budget

Ultimate guide on studio quality home music recording at very low budget