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Singing geneticists and EPIC cyberspace machinima operas | Sabrina Peña ...

Sci Fi MACHINIMA Opera Libertaria: The Virtual Opera (Official Full Vers...

In a post-USA dystopia teen Libertaria escapes from genetics factory & teams up with her addict father to lead a children's cyborg army against evil reverse-aging geneticists in this epic animated opera by award-winning composer Sabrina Pena Young. World's first animated comic book opera. 



Contact the director:

Directed by Sabrina Pena Young

Cast (In Alphabetical Order)

Joe Cameron

Perry R. Cook

Gracia Gillund

Jennifer Hermansky

Matthew Meadows

Kate Sikora

Gretchen Suarez-Pena

Yvette Teel


Johnny Video

Additional Vocals

Alan Manuel Pena

Art Department

Lead Animator

Kera Hildebrandt

Lead Modder/Animator

Lucinda McNary

Two Moon Graphics


Sabrina Pena Young

Additional Animation Assistance

Patricia Johnston

Additional Mods by

Arthur V. Kuhrmeier

Gerald Lang (Papa G Mods)

Shirley Martin (Mods 'N More)

Craig Rintoul

Hursto Presto Mods



Mastered by


Ascension of the Cyborg Madam

Testing out a new animation platform for an upcoming project. Thought I would share! :) Using an online app that has moving animation, then using screen capture and Final Cut to do the final mix. Will be incorporating virtual dancers for an upcoming virtual ballet.

NEW ALBUM: A FUTURIST MUSIC ANTHOLOGY: The Electroacoustic Mind of Sabrina Pena Young 2001​-​2014

A FUTURIST MUSIC ANTHOLOGY: The Electroacoustic Mind of Sabrina Peña Young 2001​-​2014
Filtered through the lens of science fiction and fantasy,  the electroacoustic works of Sabrina Peña Young explore the sonic outer dimensions of sound in a surreal world constantly balancing between reality and  future dimensions of thought and music and the mind. 

<a href="<a class="zem_slink" href="" title="<a class="zem_slink" href="" title="Electroacoustic music" rel="wikipedia" target="_blank">Electroacoustic music</a>" rel="wikipedia" target="_blank">electroacoustic&amp…

Music Secrets: How to Write an Opera, Part 2

Music Secrets: How to Write an Opera, Part 2
After the incredibly positive feedback that I had from Music Secrets: How to Write an Opera, Part 1, I thought I would talk a little bit about the composition angle of writing, at least how I do it in regards to vocal music. Here's a quick primer for anyone learning some of the basics of writing vocal music for opera, musicals, classical music, etc. 

1. The Sketch
I have had several great teachers in my life - Dr. Clare Shore, Hilton Jones, Dr. Kristine Burns, Paul Reller, Dr. Frederick Kaufman, Dr. Orlando Garcia, Chuck Owen, etc. My composition prof (and USF SYCOM guru) Paul Reller helped me develop the composition technique that I have had for years. 

Download the Libertaria: The Virtual Opera Soundtrack at iTunes
When I have the time to go through the entire composition process (because sometimes I have to skip a step or two for deadlines), I will start out with pencil, paper, and a piano (or keyboard, in my case). This may not fit your…