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Composer Musings: You just finished an what?

Composer Searches for Creative Meaning after Completion of OperaAfter two years of opera production, collaborating with a talented cast and crew via the Internet, working with composer Patrick Rundbladh on making 1000 takes into one cohesive soundtrack and album, promoting and premiering the opera, and preparing a series of lectures and books on Libertaria: The Virtual Opera, I start 2014 wondering where I should spend my creative efforts. To be honest, once production finished I had an album project, classes to teach, and a Christmas flu to get over, so life has not slowed down, it's just diverged in its efforts. 
My brain is scattered in its myriad of options. I do want to finish the novel Libertaria (sneak peak below) and perhaps start on the graphic novel series for the story, and I suppose that would be enough considering the usual teaching load plus "real" life with my family. Yet, after running on fumes for the last year, it feels strange to be without any real dea…