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Music Documentary Opera Heard Round World: Internet Collaboration and the 21st Century Composer

The Most Awesome Morning Edition Theme NPR Challenge Soundcloud Music Submissions

So some of you might know that NPR is currently challenging listeners to remix the Morning Edition Theme. Happy to oblige, I already created a sci-fi edition you can check out below! But there have been a few folks jumping on the Morning Edition bandwagon, so check them out! 


Sabrina Pena Young Martian Morning Edition in Space David Bartell's Ukelele version of the NPR Morning Edition Theme Joshsklair Gives listeners a Bluesy Morning Edition Tune A Beautiful Piano Version of the NPR Morning Edition Theme by Jo Kusy wishes us all a "Good morning" in his version of the NPR Music Theme Song
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NEW Top 5 SHOCKING Mistakes You Make on Social Media Every Day: Keeping it Real

In our world of social media obsession, everything and every thought being tweeted, vined, snapchatted, and instagrammed. Most individuals do not know how to communicate electronically. Relationships can get destroyed, false information is passed on as truth, and anger seems to be the most prevalent emotion, especially during this heated political season in the US. 

So here are the Top 5 Shocking Mistakes That You Make on Social Media

1. You Post Every Thought without ThinkingWe've all seen it. A bad break-up, a fight with a loved one, a bad day at work...Some people just post and post and post and post and don't think about the permanence of online posts. Even if you "delete" the post, it is still there, somewhere. And the juiciest information may have already flown through cyberspace via other social media sites before you have a chance to retract your statements. If you are heated, don't post. It's that simple.

If you can't read your post with a smile  on …

NPR Morning Edition Theme Challenge! The Sci-Fi Edition

What's Your Take On Morning Edition's Theme?
"Morning Edition is calling on listeners to create their own versions of the theme. Pick your genre: rock, hip-hop, R&B, country, even EDM. You can create a new arrangement of one of our themes or remix one. Regular Morning Edition listeners have heard the familiar theme song composed by BJ Leiderman every weekday morning since the show's first broadcast in 1979. Over the years, we've had variations of that theme recorded, some of which you hear on the air, like the music for our "returns," those 30-second news bites that air every hour on the half-hour."


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Top 10 Bizarre Reasons You are a Classical Music Elitist

How do you know if you or someone you know is a classical music elitist? Read on to find out! Someone you love might just have a serious classical music elitism!

1. You are a classical music elitist if you own boxes of classical music albums that you never play.How can you get rid of these recordings? Really? Such beautiful music going to waste? You don't care that you no longer have walking room in your house. What matters is that you have that one prized Mozart recording from 1943 that you will cherish forever. (Now if you could only find a record player!)
2. You are a classical music elitist if you can't wait for the latest release of Tchaikovsky's Symphony #6 to add to your other 105 Symphony #6 mp3s. You can never have enough classical music. Multiple copies of Beethoven, Mozart, Strauss, Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky, and the rest of them is absolutely necessary to feed your classical music frenzy. Who cares if the orchestra is mediocre and there is a person coughing thro…