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Free Sheet Music Download - Sacred Choral Creation Oratorio Classical Music

English: Oil on canvas (size: 90 x 150 cm) was shown for the first time at the Salon Art Sacré - Sacred art in 1989. Français : Huile sur toile (format: 90 x 150 cm) exposée pour la première fois au Salon Art Sacré en 1989. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Download the prize-winning sacred Creation Oratorio by composer Sabrina Pena Young at the Petrucci Library. The Petrucci Library provides classical music enthusiasts with free online sheet music like string quartets, choral music, piano music, music for violin, and more. Most of the music is public domain or has Creative Commons licensing for performance. Enjoy an exhaustive list of classical sheet music at your fingertips at the Petrucci Library Classical music online.

Perform the unique Creation Oratorio, a contemporary classical oratorio in three languages - Spanish, English, and Swahili

"Light" From the Creation Oratorio A complex multilingual intertwining of Afro-Cuban music and traditional ch…

NEW ONLY $19.99 at AMAZON: Composer Boot Camp 101: 50 Exercises for Educators, Students, and Music Professionals

BUY TODAY FOR ONLY $19.99 AT AMAZON WANT TO WRITE MUSIC? Composer Boot Camp is a series of 50 exercises for educators and beginning, intermediate, and advanced musicians who want to develop their skills in composition.
Composer Boot Camp 101 workbook is designed to help educators, students, and seasoned professionals to hone their compositional craft. There are a series of exercises, helpful tips, resources, and more to help the musician prepare a solid foundation in music composition developed by award-winning composer and music educator Sabrina Pena Young. Exercises are divided into four sections: BEGINNER LEVEL EXERCISES Appropriate for young students, adult learners, and those who do not yet read music.
INTERMEDIA LEVEL EXERCISES Appropriate for high school students, music educators, college students, and musicians who want to learn how to write music.
ADVANCED LEVEL EXERCISES For advanced college students, composers, music educators, and musicians with a strong grasp of music theory and pe…

Experimental Science Fiction Animated Film - Psychosis - Sabrina Pena Young

An original experimental animated film, a student film, created around 2006. Using a combination of Final Cut and Bryce, I developed a stark alien landscape and a quiet being being terrorized by a bizarre creature that I lovingly referred to as the "eyeball monster". 

This was a student film first created while doing graduate studies in film and new media at Florida International University in Miami, Florida. The soundtrack was originally written for another of my experimental films, but I found that the music matched these visuals quite nicely, so I cannibalized my soundtrack and used it for this film.

Artist Website:


Download science fiction soundtracks at iTunes
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Buffalo Composer Featured on NPR's Morning Edition for Sci-Fi Theme Music

Buffalo Composer Featured on NPR's Morning Edition for Sci-Fi Theme Music So very excited to have my sci-fi version of the Morning Edition Theme Featured today at NPR! :) The NPR Morning Edition team offered a musical challenge: rewrite the Morning Edition Theme. For fun, I decided to go all spacy and crazy with it! Check it out! 

The Composer's Wacky Spacy Inspiration
I imagined what would happen if the entire Morning Edition Staff found themselves stranded on the planet Mars in a retro-1980s parallel universe, complete with cheesy bedazzled astronaut suits and neon lights, surrounded by Dalek-inspired cyborgs. I plucked out he main theme on the keys and added in some dissonance and bent pitches to fit the bizarre spacyness of the track playing in my head. I added in the requisite synthesizers, a slight beat, and droid-esque sound effects. To wrap it in a bow,…

Experimental Animation Virtual Dance 1: Sunrise - Sabrina Pena Young