Untitled Work for Haunted Concert Hall Halloween Night

Between packing up my Miami apartment for a move to America's Heartland in Kentucky and tying up all the loose ends at my job, I have been completing my latest composition for Milllikin University in Illinois. The composition, the name of which has been oscillating between Rail Girl to Forgotten, and now is just untitled again, has been a fun break from the usual heavily sci-fi fair that I usually create.

Millikin University enjoys the notoriety for being the nation's most haunted (yes, haunted as in GHOSTS! BOO!) university. The ghost of the Rail Girl haunts the concert hall. Musicians and theater students alike try to assuage the wrath of Rail Girl by leaving her an offering of candy. Those that do not have had various catastrophes plague their performances, with one girl even claiming the ghost attempted to throw her down the stairs!

You can read more about the Rail Girl HERE.

When composing this piece I decided to purchase some "inspirational" items from the local thrift shop. A painting of a young girl at the beach stood out, as did a dress that matched the painting, and an eerie doll. The look in the girl's eyes are a bit unnerving, to say the least. However, what is perhaps a bit more unnerving, is the pink sash tied around the girl's waist. According to one student who saw the spirit, the Rail Girl "...was a small girl, with brown hair and she was wearing a white dress with a pink tie around it..." Was Rail Girl watching? I could not say.

The currently untitled work sounds like the inner workings of a rusted music box, and is scored for video, tape, handbell choir, waterphone, marimba, vibraphone, bells, crotales, and 2 hand percussionists.

Waterphone performed on by its founder, Richard Waters.

The composition will be performed Halloween Night at the Albert Taylor Theater by the Millikin University Percussion Ensemble, and will be conducted by Brian Justison.

Happy Haunting!


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