Video Work for Upcoming Projects

After completing the scores and tape parts for KSU's piece World Order #5 and the piece for Millikin University's percussion ensemble, entitled virelaan, it is time to create some serious video work for the two pieces. The piece will be performed November 8th at Kansas State University.

Both works are composed for percussion ensemble, tape, and video, for a large multimedia experience. Although both videos are in their sketch stages, with only seconds of video composed for each one, the concepts are complete.

World Order #5 will have a sleeker look, very futuristic, with throwbacks to radio noise which reflect the tape part. The bulk of the graphics will be created in Bryce, and animated with a combination of 3D and 2D work.

virelaan, from the Elvish word for "ghost", was commissioned for a Halloween concert this upcoming October at Millikin University. The black and white images will be a combination of 2D images animated through both Bryce and Photoshop CS. The piece will be performed at Millikin on Halloween night.


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