Millikin State University Halloween Concert 2008

Encompassed in surreal fog and the dark void of Albert Taylor Theater, surrounded by ghouls, strangely familiar characters, and faux politicians donning masks as unreal as their human counterparts, the patrons of the annual Millikin University Percussion Ensemble Halloween Concert experienced a Halloween extravaganza like no other. Musicians donning costumes both dastardly and deeply disturbing, performed an eclectic mix of works from Dr. Jeremy Brunk’s exceptional rhythmic study, "Dominican Cycles", to works involving balloons and knives and lighters, and Sabrina Pena Young's eerie intermedia work, virelaan. Intermixed within outstanding percussion performances were interludes beckoning back to familiar horror villians such as the Joker and Saw's John Kramer.

The Annual Halloween Concert is the brain child of Brian Justison, Associate Professor of Music and Coordinator of Percussion Studies at Millikin University. Justison directed the entire production, from the intense musical performances to the cemetery surrounding the percussionists and the to mysterious appearances of the Rail Girl, a ghostly spirit said to have died a horrible death falling down the Albert Taylor Theator's elevator shaft. Justison hopes to expand the Halloween Concert to multiple nights next year, given this year's sold-out concert.


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