Great Film Tips for Low Budget Video and Film Projects

The most recent set of articles that I have published on Associated Content.

Low Budget Film and Video Tips 1: In-Camera Video Effects
Helpful tips for creating convincing in-camera visual effects on low budget film and video projects.

Low Budget Film and Video Tips 2: Choosing an Exciting Set and Location
Creative ideas for choosing big budget locations for low budget films.

Low Budget Film and Video Tips 3: Sound and Dialogue
Professional tips for creating convincing sound in your low budget film or video.

Low Budget Film and Video Tips 4: Music
Professional tips on choosing the right music for your film or video project.

Low Budget Film and Video Tips 5: Costumes
You don't have to be a makeup professional to have a realistic look in your film. Follow these tips to help you purchase convincing costumes for less.

Low Budget Film Tips 6: Special Effects and Fashion Makeup
Follow these great tips to save money on makeup and special effects on your next film or video project.


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