Murray State University Music Studio

Another exciting semester has begun at Murray State University. Right now the Synthesis Studio is full and I have a few private students. We are getting ready to work in Garageband and learn some MIDI Basics, then off to exciting work in Logic Studio mid-semester. The Murray State University New Music Concert is scheduled for November 20th. I also will be hosting an IAWM lecture/recital at the beginning of November, which will cover tape works by talented women.

I am teaching an online Music History course which I redesigned this semester. I am very excited to teach this music survey course, which has a new textbook that incorporates an online music lab. Very cool, very interactive, very tekky.

I continue writing for Easy Ear and am working on several other music writing projects for a number of national and international companies. My most recent releases include a series of ringtones and a couple of singles - Light and Revolution Devolution.

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