NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON
NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

Libertaria Opera Auditions

Well, I have been settling in our new home of Oklahoma. Currently taking advantage of the extra time to work on a few projects:

Libertaria: The Virtual Opera Auditions and Screenplay

I am currently accepting female and male roles (all vocal types) for the upcoming video opera Libertaria. Interested vocalists may submit a short vocal mp3 audition to The cast is growing bigger, and there are only a few spots left. I am completed the libretto for Libertaria and am working on the screenplay version first draft.

Find out more about Libertaria: The Virtual Opera here:

The Athena Mix Video

In the spring I had the opportunity to curate works with Vox Novus' Robert Voisey for the premier of the Athena Mix, an exciting and eclectic mix of sixty electronic compositions by sixty women from around the globe. Talented musicians like Pauline Oliveros, Joan La Barbara, Maggie Payne, Brenda Hutchinson, and many, many more submitted incredible electrouacoustic works for an hour long concert premier at the Athena Festival at Murray State University.

Currently I am working on a one hour long video animation project synced up to the Athena Mix. Needless to say, it has been a challenge. Soundscapes, dance beats, complex electroacoustic works, sound synthesis, vocal narratives, electronic opera, and more are covered in the video mix. It has been a challenge, but I hope that the visuals will be rewarding in the end.

Other Fun Projects

While Libertaria: The Virtual Opera and the Athena Mix are taking up much of my time, I am also doing a few other things on the side like teaching music history online, playing in the music ministry, and writing, of course. I was excited to find out about the Oklahoma Composer's Association Salon Concerts here in Lawton and will participate in these great music events.

Life is always busy and fun and musical. I look forward to what the rest of this year brings!

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