NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON
NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

Concerts and Puppets and Opera and more!

Nature Time lapse footage from AM / PM demo film by Sean Fleck from Mount Airy Films on Vimeo.
Check out some of my latest projects in progress!

Film Score for the animated short Monica, by Cartoonist Rob Cabrera
Life has been incredibly busy for the last few months between projects, the opera, teaching, and of course, taking of my most important masterpiece - Eva Rose Young! My baby girl had her first official recording session for Rob Cabrera's Monica soundtrack that I am composing. She had a great time with the headphones and talking into a real mic, and was paid dutifully in hugs and love. This project is wrapping up soon, so keep a look out for the exciting short Monica, coming out in 2013! 

60x60 Athena Mix presented at Cameron University on May 1, @7:30 PM.
I will be presenting the video version of the 60 x 60 Athena Mix, an exciting and eclectic electronic mix of sixty short one minute electronic compositions by women around the world. The original Athena Mix was presented at the Athena Festival at Murray State University in 2011. This version has original video that I created using a combination of Moviestorm and Final Cut. 

Contemporary Opera Libertaria presented by Perry Cook at TeQWire at LSU
The contemporary opera Libertaria: The Virtual Opera was presented along with many other works as part of legendary computer music guru Perry Cook's presentation on Technology & Choir. Find out more about this amazing workshop here:

TOP SECRET: Perry Cook will be lending his voice for the Libertaria Opera! Shhh!

AM/PM by Film Director Sean Fleck
This has been an ongoing production using time lapse HD video. Trust me, this is an amazing movie with incredible visuals accompanied only by an electroacoustic soundtrack. 

Concert with the Association for Dominican Classical Arts in NYC
The acoustic version of "Light" from the Creation oratorio will be presented as part of the Association for Dominican Classical Arts programming. Find out more here:

What's in the works? Articles on music technology for the New Music Box, the IAWM Music Journal, and the TERZ magazine, full performance of "Light" in Argentina this summer, and a presentation for the Oklahoma Composer's Association this July. Also joined the puppet ministry! And of course, working on Libertaria: The Virtual Opera. 

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