Virtual Opera Rehearsals with Bandcamp

Libertaria: The Virtual Opera is wrapping up its final stage of music production. The talented cast members have worked on two virtual rehearsal albums for the sci-fi animated opera, and I am finishing up the final rehearsal album for the cast.


Since the opera cast and crew of Libertaria are working entirely via online (the cast/crew has never met for a live rehearsal or run-through), I have been using the music website to host Rehearsal Albums for download. Bandcamp has been helpful because it allows me to set up an album with scores at no additional cost, and I am free to set the price at free download, buyer sets price, or an actual price.  

Each Libertaria Cast Rehearsal Album has a click track, information packet, and scores. The click tracks have the vocal parts played by the piano and a steady click from beginning to end.

Each score has timecode matching the tape tracks, as well as dramatic instructions and parts for the major opera characters. An Information Packet gives the cast members instructions for each Rehearsal Album. has also been a helpful website for organizing recordings. Each cast member from Libertaria: The Virtual Opera uploads their vocal recordings to a shared Dropbox folder which I use later for mixing. Each opera cast member is responsible for creating their own recordings. To help, I included links to helpful recording websites and links to a wikipage I have been working on that has a helpful section on recording:

I posted opera scores, music sketches, a rough draft of the opera libretto, and other fun tidbits from Libertaria on for free download. The scores are fun to play through, perform, or just check out.
Metal Ink: Opera Solo from Libertaria

Trying to wrap up the music production end, do some last minute composing, and getting ready for the mixing has made this a busy summer. Next on the agenda is starting work on the animation for the opera. Using a combination of computer animation, machinima, and graphic art, Libertaria will have a unique style all of its own. More on the animation part as we come closer to that stage of production.

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