Looking Glass: Into the Heart of the Composer

Looking Glass

Looking Glass is based on a journal entry from August 30, 2003:

English: Looking glass room Nederlands: Spiege...
English: Looking glass room Nederlands: Spiegelkamer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I look in the Mirror
And who do I see?

Hollowed Eyes
Looking Back at me

Sensuous Lips
Wrinkled and Torn
Sallow Skin and Soul Forlorn

But when I breathe, she breathes, too.
Those tears in her eyes I knew

We hold hands in our looking glass
The moments melting into the past

And underneath the hardened shell
Is a little girl I knew so well

Someday she'll learn to laugh again
And love, maybe she will find it in the end
But today I am left with my mirrored mate
Goodnight, Lovely Alice, for it's getting late

The moon has risen above the dying trees
Forgotten wishes float away with the breeze

Each moment passes quicker than before

And our Alice, She sleeps Forevermore.

The text of Looking Glass reflects on my own struggles of living a double life in the darker days of my early college years many years ago, the reference of a Looking Glass referring to Alice's long decent into the dark abyss of the bizarre, out of control, Wonderland.
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