NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON
NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

Music Performance is Good for Your Health

old world music
Gothic meets Old World Music
Sometimes as a composer it can be easy to forget the thrill of performance. 

The adrenaline rush as music and body combine into a magnificent magical gem that brings static notes to life and brings an audience to their feet. 

As a teen I lived for those moments of performance, and throughout my life I have had the opportunity to play in everything from African drumming ensemble to symphony orchestra to a Goth Old World band called Virelie.

Last month I enjoyed a fun last minute performance with the Lawton Jazz Ensemble and the talented alternative bluegrass string band the Blackberry Bushes. Below the Lawton Jazz Ensemble grooves to Orilla del Mar.


The Blackberry Bushes String Band had a lively set that combined bluegrass with classical and folk into a fun and poignant mix that enthralled the audience and made your toe tap.  This was my personal favorite Hoot.

alternative bluegrass
Blackberry Bushes
I have also had a great time performing with the Oklahoma Baptist Symphony, which recently performed at a local Oklahoma prison, and the Cameron Baptist Orchestra where I jam on the congas every Sunday.
Performance is an important aspect of music that each composer must experience, enjoy, and cherish. 

Only then can a composer truly understand the nuances that make performance great, magical. Only then can a composer understand how orchestration comes into play or how the skill of improvisation can turn a single line into sheer musical poetry. As a composer, and as a percussionist, I am truly blessed to enjoy both the creation and the performance of music.
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