Libertaria: Meet our Virtual Opera Characters!

As you may know, Libertaria: The Virtual Opera is about to enter into post production after two years of music production and animation. Find out a little bit more about our virtual opera characters!

Meet Libertaria. The rebel teen escapes from an evil genetics factory only to find herself entrenched in the Underground with her Metal Ink addict father Simeon. Will she ever find the Nurse that saved her life? Or will the Evil Collective prevail? 

Singers Kate Sikora and Gracia Gillund share the role of Libertaria.
Simeon, Leader of the Underground

The leader of the Underground has more than a few skeletons in his closet, including an unhealthy addiction to Metal Ink and a tangled web of love and intrigue. Perry Cook and Matthew Meadows sing the role of Simeon.

Lucinde has an ax to grind with Libertaria, though no one is sure why. Simeon's right hand "man", Lucinde heads up the Underground army's espionage unit. Her distorted face is only slightly uglier than her twisted heart.Gretchen Suarez-Pena plays Lucinde

After working in the Factory her entire life, The Nurse saves Libertaria, but at what cost? The Nurse is played by Jennifer Hermansky and Yvette Teel.

The Nurse Played by Jennifer Hermansky and Yvette Teel

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