Spring Music Update!


After two years, the final Libertaria Cast Album will be out this summer. Animation production has ended, and the summer will be busy with post production for the October premiere in South Florida, hosted by composer Dr. Clare Shore. The Libertaria Cast Album is being crowdfunded through Kickstarter, which is fitting since the entire opera production has been completed online. 

If you are interested in a prerelease of the Libertaria Cast Album, please check out the Kickstarter link below:


Vox Novus has been busy with the ten 60x60 mixes for its ten year anniversary. I coordinated Athena 60x60 Mix, an exciting one hour electronic music concert by talented women around the globe. As part of a collaboration for Vox Novus, I  created video for the 60x60 Presenter's Mix using machinima and Moviestorm, and the Presenter's Mix has been met with critical acclaim. 

Easy Ear Training and I are collaborating again on a new Unraveling Music Album, a fun educational album that uses great music to teach basic ear training skills. Check out EET for the latest on Unraveling Music!

As you may know, I joined up with the Buffalo Writer's Group to hone my writing skills. I recently wrote articles for EET for International Women's Day, as well as articles on Libertaria for the IAWM Music Journal. I am also working on the version of Libertaria, which will be out in 2014.
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