NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON
NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

Machinima Indy Radio Interviews the Libertaria Cast and Crew August 15th

For those who want to hear the insides and outs about the machinima opera Libertaria or
Libertaria: The Virtual Opera
just want to find out a bit more about creating a low-budget independent film feature using social media and the Internet can check out tomorrow's live chat and radio show at The Content Creator's Toolbox.

Director Sabrina Peña Young will chat with cast members Matt Meadows, Perry R. Cook, and Kate Sikora, guest hosted by Libertaria animator Kera Hildebrandt and hosted by Kinte Fergerson.

WHEN: Thurs. 8:30PM EST CHAT and 9:00PM EST Live Talk
WHERE: The Content Creator's Toolbox

Be sure to check it out! Chime in early to check out the the chat room. We will be talking about music, machinima, film, and anything else that happens to come up! It will be the first time that cast/crew members "meet" online, so it will be an incredible talk! 

The Content Creator's Toolbox is an online website dedicated to independent filmmakers, especially those involved with animation and machinima (ex. Moviestorm, iClone, and The Movies). Machinima is an animation style that is inspired by video games and uses real time recording of characters within a computer generated environment. Instead of creating films frame by frame, machinimators "direct" virtual puppets the same as one would direct an actor on a live set, then films them with virtual characters. The Machinima Channel is currently YouTube's most popular channel with almost 9 million subscribers, showing that the animation form has global appeal. Libertaria was created using Moviestorm, popular machinima software. Kera Hildebrandt and Lucinda McNary lent their talents for Libertaria.

Hope to see you there!

The SPECIAL EDITION Libertaria Soundtrack is coming out on iTunes and CD before the October 5th South Florida premier. More info coming soon!
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