Free Halloween Music and More: Freaky Spooky Fun Downloads!

Hulk (comics)
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Free Halloween Music and Free Sheet Music

It's that time of year - Halloween! Here are links to my Halloween music freebies about the net! Enjoy fun kid's songs, scary music downloads, free sheet music and spooky tunes.

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. For my first Halloween my mom dressed me up as an alien. Now I dress my daughter as "Hulky" (her choice, it's the Incredible Hulk with a green tutu, courtesy of my mom...). Ironically, my daughter's birthday is Halloween (not planned the kiddo was 10 days late!) and I was supposed to be a Halloween baby (but I was late!). So it all goes full circle and now Halloween is my busiest time of year.  

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Millikin University Percussion Ensemble Halloween Concert

Halloween (Photo credit: Pedro J. Ferreira)
This year the Millikin University Percussion Ensemble will be performing my work virelaan, a work for multimedia and percussion ensemble dedicated the Rail Girl Ghost who haunts the Halloween Theater. The Millikin University Percussion Ensemble, directed by Brian Justison, also commissioned me to make another fun and whacky Halloween video for their concert. Last year it was a sci-fi mash of aliens, Blade Runner, and Star Wars. This year the main character (who bears a strange resemblance to Justison somehow) enters the Matrix and finds himself in....Super Mario Land! (As an aside, I do not engage in any sort of substance abuse, my sense of humor is just weird.).

Watch the twisted haunted virelaan animation. Spooky and creepy...Freaky clowns are always scary!

If you are in the Decator, Illinois, area, I encourage you to make the trip out to the Halloween Concert! It is an annual event that is absolutely NUTS! Costumes, a real ghost, and music, you can't ask for a better Halloween experience!

Free Halloween Sheet Music

Enjoy freaky scores and free sheet music. If you love the macabre and twisted, you will definitely enjoy these classical works. 
Asphixivision (Modern String Quartet)
Cover of "Children of the Corn"
Cover of Children of the Corn
What passes through your mind in the last few seconds of your life? This work attempts to make music of the mayhem.

Folds of the Mind (Flute and Percussion Ensemble)
Think Children of the Corn X Every Freaky Little Girl in a Horror Flick. This work explores childhood within a creepy soundscape.

Gebroken Clown (Orchestral Miniature)
A short one minute work for orchestra, fun and freaky like a carousel of death.

World Order #5 (Percussion Ensemble and Video/Tape)
An alien race discovers a devastated Earth, with dire consequences.

Virelaan (Scores and Tape)
Want to perform virelaan? Dedicated to the ghost of the Rail Girl who brings mayhem and danger to the Albert Taylor Theater, virelaan is a work for percussion ensemble and tape, with optional video. To download, click "Name Your Price" and enter "0" for a free download or make a donation by entering "10". Contact me at if you would like to perform the work with the video (see above). The work involves percussion ensemble and handbell choir, although some parts are doubled. 

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