NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON
NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

Free Opera Premier! 24hrs Left of Online Premier

Moviestorm presents "GROUNDBREAKING" Virtual Opera This Sunday!

In typical 21st century fashion, I am excited that for this weekend only the UK-based Moviestorm is presenting Libertaria: The Virtual Opera as a special ONLINE premier. You don't need to pay $50 a ticket or wait in line, you can even enjoy Libertaria in your PJs! 

Watch Libertaria NOW

From Dec 6 to 12PM Dec 9th (GMT) Libertaria: The Virtual Opera is available at Moviestorm as an exciting ONLINE PREMIER MOVIE EVENT! Enjoy this "epic" futuristic opera and the astounding musical performances of the incredible Libertaria cast which includes composer Perry R. Cook, indie phenom Matt Meadows, soprano all-stars Kate Sikora and Gracia Gillund, and other incredibly talented musicians. 

Download a free soundtrack as part of this online event! 

After Dec. 9th, Libertaria: The Virtual Opera will be available as Video on Demand at the Virtual Theater 3000, an exciting art house online movie theater dedicated to sci-fi, animation, music, and art house films and documentaries. Enjoy popcorn and snack delivery (US only) and an eclectic mix of indie films and cult classics like Blade Runner.

As part of this exclusive online event, the Libertaria Screenplay is now available for free at kindle! This is an exciting event! Be a part of a MUSIC REVOLUTION!
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