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Holiday Fun - SNOW SNOW SNOW!

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It's that time of year where life is full of happiness and family, music and laughter, and this year...Snow? Yes, Snow! After living my life in the South I have officially Yankee-fied and moved to New York, which means that today, instead of wearing a light jacket in cool 50 degree weather or wondering if it's a good day to walk along the beach (maybe not, it's a COLD 65 degrees!), instead today I decided that 17 degrees wasn't too bad, considering the snow already fell. So I walked in cold blustery Buffalo to the coffee shop bundled up like Paddington Bear and enjoyed some hot cocoa and a sandwich. 

I have to admit, not sold on this snow thing. Sure, it's pretty, but it's also wet. It looks like you can just swim in it and be lighter than air, but really, it's uber-deceptive. I haven't bought boots yet (it took me years to move from sandals to regular shoes). Only my fellow displaced Floridians will understand. According to my wonderful husband, who was born up here, Christmas doesn't make sense without snow, meanwhile I wonder how in the world do I put up luminarias with a cold wind that's bound to blow out ever candle? 

After a year that has been quite crazy - a move from Oklahoma to New York, new job for hubby, new friends, finishing an opera, living in a dilapidated (should be condemned) house, weather changes, and my little girl turns four (big deal to me, don't ask why, just is), has been a busy year of transitions and changes. It's been a good year, but I continue to hope that 2014 will be less eventful for our little family. Not that I'm all about boredom, but a little bit of sanity would be nice, even if it does mean that I don't see the sun until March. Brrr....

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Those that have come by the site before know about
Pray for Gray. Three Year old Grayson Hand is battling leukemia. His father was the best man at our wedding and their family has been close to us. Please continue to pray for young Grayson. This is his first holiday season with leukemia (he was diagnosed in June). If you would like to help the Hand family please click on the photo to the right to be directed to the Pray for Gray Facebook page.  

Thank you and God Bless!
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