NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON
NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

Creative Summer: TedX Buffalo, Circuit Bridges, 60x60 Latin Mix, and Destiny: Eondwyr

TedX Buffalo, Circuit Bridges, 60x60 Latin Mix, and Destiny: Eondwyr

English: TEDx Timisoara organisers and some at...As the Buffalo summer comes to an end (we are already enjoying 60 degree weather, "winter" by my South Florida standards), there are a number of exciting projects that I am a part of for this fall. I am looking for electronic composers to participate in the new 60x60 Latin Mix as well as local Western New York composers to collaborate for the first Circuit Bridges concert hosted here at Buffalo State. 

60x60 Latin Mix
The Vox Novus 60x60 Project is an innovative collaboration that involves concerts consisting of sixty short one minute electronic works by sixty composers (thus 60x60). Vox Novus recently celebrated TEN YEARS of 60x60, which has literally involved thousands of composers all over the world. This year I am curating the first 60x60 Latin Mix for Latin American musicians and music inspired by Latin America. Open to any nationality and any musical style, I will be accepting works for this project until October. Please submit your electronic work via Music Avatar. We need a large turnout to make this a successful mix. 

More information HERE:

TedX Buffalo
Yes, my nerdyness has hit a new high! I will be speaking at the October 14th TedX Buffalo event! For all TED lovers and haters, this is going to be an exciting creative event about the latest innovations in Buffalo, focusing on the theme "in motion". I will be speaking about my machinima work Libertaria: The Virtual Opera. TedX Buffalo, hosted at Canisius College, has limited seating and is accepting applications for attendees until August 17th. The event is FREE.

Apply to TedX Buffalo :

Circuit Bridges
Another exciting project with Vox Novus, Circuit Bridges attempts to unite electroacoustic musicians through collaborative concert events. Dr. Tomas Henriques at Buffalo State will be directing the innovative Digital Music Ensemble at this April event. We are still looking for one or two Western New York composers to contribute short electroacoustic works (fixed media or live). Those interested can contact me at . Put "Circuit Bridges" in the subject heading.

More information on Circuit Bridges:

Music and fantasy collide in this new commission for percussionist Kurt Gartner. Written for multimedia and Malletkat, Destiny: Eondwyr explores video gaming and comic book fantasy in an innovative new mallet work specifically for the Malletkat, a mallet MIDI controller. I have spent the summer writing new scores for the piece, and will be working on comic book panels that are part of the live multimedia performance. The premier is scheduled for 2015 at Kansas State University.


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