NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON
NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

Congratulations to New York Women Composers Grant Recipients

New York Women Composers Announces Music Grant Recipients

New York Women Composers, Inc. was founded by composers Elizabeth Bell, Lucy Coolidge, Ann Callaway, and Robert Friou, Esq., in 1984. It is a New York 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, under the direction of its members. Membership is open to residents of New York State and the greater New York City metropolitan region who are women composers of serious concert music and to those in musical occupations who support the recognition of women composers.


1)    A Disseminated Grant for Ensemble “2 Flutes” (Laura Falzon and Pamela Sklar) with an instrumentation of flute, alto flute, bass flute, piccolo, Native American flute, and piano on some occasions. They will program music by five NYWC members in New York City and Westchester County concerts. Websites for the two artists are: Laura Falzon and Pamela Sklar:

2)    A Focused Grant for Feminine Musique: a vocal duo comprised of Tammy Hensrud, Mezzo Soprano, and Korliss Uecker, Soprano, and piano accompaniment, with the sometime addition of an additional instrument. Their website They have recital dates scheduled throughout the country.  

3)    A Disseminated Grant for Women Composers Festival of Hartford (Hartford, Connecticut) The Festival, which has been running now for several years, will take placeMarch 48, 2015, and will program five works by NYWC members on its schedule. The available instrumentation will be solo piano, string quartet, or composer-provided performer(s).
4)    A Focused Grant for Marie Incontrera and the Eco-Music Big Band (Facebook page ), for a special concert entitled MATRIARCH. The instrumentation of the Eco-Music Big Band is unique; featuring four saxophones (ATTB), four trumpets, two trombones (tenor and bass), violin, cello, piano, electric bass, and drums. Adding violin and cello to the traditional big band instrumentation provides a singular and unique sound, with opportunities for fusion between the expected big band sound and a more classical/Western flair. Since the instrumentation is unusual for New York Women Composers and works will most likely be newly composed or reorchestrated, there will be flexibility in the score call, on which Marie is working.

5)    A Focused Grant to Icelandic violinist Eva Ingolf, who will be performing the music of Joyce Hope Suskind, Rain Worthington, and Beth Anderson in a concert in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Though she has already chosen repertoire for this concert from an earlier call for scores, she is very open to receiving music from other NYWC composers for future performances. She has a Wikipedia entry here and can be heard here in excerpts of several pieces

6)    A Focused Grant to the violin duo Miolina (Mioi Takeda and Lynn Bechtold), who will give a concert in New York City. Although they have already chosen repertoire for this concert from the online catalog, with music by Debra Kaye, Beata Moon, Chen Yi, Rain Worthington, and Max Lifchitz, they are eager to receive music from other New York Women Composers members for future performances. For more information, their website is


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