NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON
NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

Women in Music Connect the World: IAWM 20th-Anniversary Congress 2015 Call for proposals

Call for proposals: scores, performances, papers, panels,lecture-recitals

The IAWM 20th-Anniversary Congress 2015, online 
13-19 April 2015

Women in Music Connect the World

The International Alliance for Women in Music (IAWM) and Wake Forest University are pleased to announce the IAWM Congress 2015 April 13-19, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Alliance. The Congress will be conducted entirely online.

The theme of the congress is “Women in Music Connect the World.” The seven-day online congress will be freely accessible to all with events available following a 24-hour GMT clock. Featured will be established and upcoming women professional and student composers, musicologists, music theorists, ethnomusicologists, educators, performers, and conductors who will contribute their knowledge and expertise in performances, papers, workshops, demonstrations, and panel discussions.

Women in music throughout the world
ascend the heights                    non-partisan Kosovan women citizens of their
              post-war nation serve in the highest leadership positions in the Republic.

share new discoveries                                   Taiwanese women recently have
                  documented that music listening is a body-mind healer of depression.

effect positive change                       since the 1970s, Argentine women have
  become know for their artistic performances that focus on social transformation.

lead out creatively                       Australian women continue their20th-century
        tradition of crowding the ranks of composers/music educators/music critics  

                                                                                    nationally and internationally.
appear in new places               Irish folk performing groups now enjoy a 50/50                           gender splitwhile Canadian women now populate the forefront of
                                                                             electronic music in their country

express music spirit-to-spirit                          Women in India have led out in
      recording and disseminating music in the classical traditions of their country.

Women ascend the heights, share new discoveries, effect positive change, lead out creatively, appear in new places, express music spirit-to-spirit. Indeed “Women in Music Connect the World.” As the title suggests, the Congress makes accessible the latest products in music of women’s work from around the globe, and offers them electronically as a free gift to all.

A call to IAWM members for scores, performances, papers and panels, and lecture-recitals was issued on July 15th, accompanied by a FAQ sheet describing the online nature of the call. 

Become a member of IAWM—visit for details—and become eligible to participate.

Award-winning composer Sabrina Peña Young creates mind-numbing electronic works and exciting new classical music like her "groundbreaking" and "epic" animated Libertaria: The Virtual Opera, a new online opera created entirely through social media and internet collaboration. Young is a sought-after cutting edge composer and speaker on music technology, social media and the arts, and contemporary music. Young will be speaking on Libertaria: The Virtual Opera and internet collaboration at the upcoming TEDx Buffalo 2014. Hire Young for your next music event.


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