Living Machinima Green Screen Fun for Urban Night: Sounds

Living Machinima Green Screen Fun for Bluesy Urban Night: Sounds

My most recent project involves delving into the world of living machinima. What is living machinima? Well, for the lack of a better explanation, in living machinima I immerse my real time self into the virtual machinima world using film techniques. Now this isn't a cut and dry definition, but this is what I am going for in my latest project Urban Night: Sounds, for the upcoming International Alliance for Women in Music Conference, which is coming up online (and FREE) this spring. 

Singing in a Machinima World!
Using a green screen technique and a scene created using the Machinima software Moviestorm, I have immersed myself in a virtual world, complete with the entire machinima band Nano Ensemble 21, for the song "Baby Blues".

This is my first experiment involving machinima and full body green screen (as a side note, for a couple of weeks, my dining room was covered in a giant green screen that I left up despite being knocked over a dozen times by my dog and daughter). 

I hope to create more exciting living machinima projects in the future. 


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