20 Ways You Know You are a Girl Drummer If....

Just thought I'd share a few thoughts about being a "girl drummer" I had the other day while jamming on the steering wheel in my car. Hope you enjoy, and add your own comments at the end! Would love to hear what you think! 

You know you are a "girl drummer" if....

1) You have to devise a special way of crashing hand cymbals together without pinching "the girls"

2) You had a nickel for every time a guy rolled his eyes when you sit behind a drumset you could buy a private jet

3) You love to see the looks on fan's faces when they see you tear up the drums

4) You have ever pictured your ex-boyfriend's face on a drumhead as you beat it to shreds

5) You can coordinate all four limbs to play along with the radio as you drive to your next gig

6) You have ever tried to not look awkward while you squeeze yourself into a marching 
drum harness (ouch!)

7) You have ever wondered why they make all congas in "extra tall"

8) You have ever sat on a timpani stool and not been able to reach the pedals (ok, if you're tall this doesn't affect you, but I'm short, so this was an all the time thing)

9) You have ever had to stand on something or on your toes to play a percussion instrument

10) You have ever shown up for a gig and been confused for the lead singer's girlfriend

11) You have ever had to be the official tambourine girl

12) You have had at least one or two drummer boyfriends just for the sake of having someone to jam with

13) You have had at least a couple of guys ask you out just because you are a drummer

14) You have had at least a couple of guys NOT ask you out because you are a drummer

15) (For the Latina drummers) Your abuela or mom bemoaned the fact that you were playing such a "manly" instrument and you would never find a good man until you picked up something more ladylike

16) Your very first band director had a look of confusion when you chose a pair of sticks over a flute

17) You have ever driven your family deaf and crazy by banging on the drums in the attic, your room, your garage

18) Your musical instruments cost more than your car

19) You are going deaf but you don't care

20) You LOVE being a drummer and will drum till your dying day! 


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