NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON
NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

Yes, I'm Fixing my Music Website Today! - A Composer's Life

What the website looked like this morning...
So for those of you who may have visited my music website today a few times, you might be wondering, "Uhm, like, what is with this site? It's like totally changing images, colors, fonts
background, etc. etc. etc....

Ok, so today I am fixing my website. I do this at least once a year, maybe more. If you are NEW to this site, then WELCOME! And I hope that all the changes don't cause a seizure since I am literally working on! 

So if you REFRESH the page, don't be surprised at some more changes! 

Well, WHY am I changing my Website???

My website needs to be functional. In other words, when a fan comes to this page looking for music, films, great music industry advice, whatever, they need to be able to find this info super fast...not fish around a thousand buttons to get it. So I am trying to simplify it. 

Also, after years and years of being a composer/professor and maintaining a "professional" (read BORING) website, I thought it was high time I just have some fun with this. After all, I'm a fun and goofy, very weird, and eccentric person. So yeah, my website should be a little fun and eccentric and strange, like me! 

I will continue having great content, music advice, films, and more for my returning fandom and new fans! Hopefully it will be easier to navigate and fun to check out! 

Composer and Filmmaker Sabrina Pena Young has been making strange and nearly incomprehensive films and electroacoustic music for the last decade. This is includes her "EPIC" sci-fi film Libertaria: The Virtual Opera, a recent work for comic book panels and Malletkat called Destiny: Eondwyr, and the social media opera collaboration The Village by Lee Scott. Currently Young is finishing up her first sci-fi novel Libertaria: Origins, which is due to come out this year, if she could get around to figuring out how to finish the novel.


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