Top 10 Sites! MUST KNOW Grants, Festivals, and Tips for Music and Film

As musicians and filmmakers we are always looking for opportunities to share our art and find out the latest about grants and great opportunities. Below are some sites that will give you great information on grants and opportunities for new music and film.


Remember when filling out a grant application:

  1. Read all the directions
  2. Meet the deadlines
  3. Present your best

This means avoiding typos, bad film or audio, badly written scores, the wrong computer files, handwritten scores, poor recordings, or submitting just any old piece. 

You need to shine, you need to be the best. 

And keep in mind that many opportunities are not "blind", a term meaning that the judges panel checks out anonymous portfolios, a process that often results in a much more diverse pool of recipients and lessens unintended favoritism in the process. 


When choosing an opportunity, do a quick Google search to check for its legitimacy. For example, many film festivals will charge upwards of $30 per submission, even if the festival is little known or an online festival. Save your money for the BIG competitions like the Pulitzer, Oscar eligible Film festivals, and festivals/events that will get you exposure and opportunities. 


Save money by submitting all of your work electronically, whether through Dropbox, Withoutabox, or other service. For many films you will need to send in a physical copy in a preferred format, so be sure that you have that format available for your film. Fortunately digital video is becoming more common, so if you are starting out you might not have to worry about sending those expensive prints and formats in.


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