Libertaria: Genesis

Libertaria: Genesis

I recently rediscovered my passion for writing! 

After writing the complete screenplay for Libertaria: The Virtual Opera and then producing the film, I am excited that I just finished the science fiction novel Libertaria: Genesis, a riveting tale of the teen Libertaria who escapes from the GenTech Factory to team up with her addict father to defeat evil reverse aging geneticists. The novel delves much deeper into the story, revealing the hidden secrets that will destroy her.

Libertaria: The Virtual Opera is an animated opera, using the voice talents of an international cast and mixed by yours truly in my project studio. Unlike a live opera performance, Libertaria: The Virtual Opera will be a feature length animated film using a combination of computer animation and 2D art to tell the compelling story of the fiesty orphan Libertaria. Combining surrealism and graphic novel techniques, Libertaria: The Virtual Opera is both visually and aurally stunning, with an eclectic score that mashes contemporary electroacoustic composition with futuristic IDM (intelligent dance music).

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