CYBERMONDAY #FREE Special! Free Kindle Ebook Young Adult Science Fiction Libertaria: Genesis!

CYBERMONDAY #FREE Special! Free Kindle Ebook Young Adult Science Fiction Libertaria: Genesis!

Libertaria is NOT your TYPICAL Fourteen-Year Old Girl. Raised in the GenTech Factory she's never celebrated a birthday, had a BFF, or even had a first crush. 

But she can melt your brain with a single glance! 

In a post-USSA dystopia Libertaria teams up with her megalomaniac drug addict father to destroy evil Reverse-Aging geneticists with a ragtag robot army of cyborg misfits. In a dystopian world of secrets and mad geneticists Libertaria learns that sometimes to save the world you must first lose your soul! 

Based on the "groundbreaking" and "epic" film Libertaria: The Virtual Opera by award-winning composer and media artist Sabrina Pena Young. Enjoy this action packed young adult science fiction thriller! 

Award-winning composer and obsessive sci-fi buff Sabrina Pena Young enjoys spending her free time
playing the drums, devising plans for world domination, cooking Cuban food, and playing with her hyperactive dog sandy.

Young has been a TED talk speaker, an opera composer, a filmmaker, a lousy comedian, and a dancing rat. Her work has been shown in Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Americas at the Holland Animation Film Festival, Tedxbuffalo, Art Basil Miami, the NY International Independent Film Festival, way too many computer music conferences, and random boom boxes in France. 

Critics call her art "daunting", "epic", "groundbreaking" and on more than one occasion her films have given audience members nightmares. 

LIBERTARIA: GENESIS is Young's debut sci-fi novel, the first in a series based on her animated film Libertaria: The Virtual Opera. 



With over fifteen years experience in music, film, and the arts, Sabrina Pena Young can provide you with the insight you need to develop your creative dreams into a reality. 

Contact Sabrina Pena Young Today:


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