NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON
NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

Women and Music: 7 Mind-Blowing Women Artists You Will LOVE from Bjork to Laurie Anderson

Women and Music: 7 Mind-Blowing Women Artists You Will LOVE from Bjork to Laurie Anderson

From rock to the meditative, from electronic to classical, these women have become music legends. Check out these albums for some truly mind-blowing sound experiences! 

Women have been creating music for millennia. Modern technology and the rise in gender equality has leveled the playing field for many contemporary women artists. Check out some of these musicians for a mind-numbing sound experience.

Pauline Oliveros (Genre: Experimental, meditative, New Age, electronic)

Inspired by Buddhist meditative practices, the drone of the accordion, and emerging technologies, Pauline Oliveros creates improvisational music works that characteristically begin as a reflective drone with slight electronic variances in sound. Oliveros using the EIS, or expanded instrument system, to effect the accordion's output with delays, reverb, and other sound effects. Oliveros' music affects your entire being.

Joan La Barbara Shamansong (Genre: Classical, experimental, vocal, world music)

Talented composer and vocalist Joan La Barbara combines her many talents into the eclectic world music CD album, "Shamansong".

Bebe Baron Forbidden Planet Soundrack (Genre: Film music, electronic music, experimental music)

Husband and wife team Louis and Bebe Baron collaborated to create this electronic music film track for the science fiction cult classic Forbidden Planet, CD released by MGM. Enjoy the out-this-world experience as the sounds of analog synthesizers, tape music, and theremin fill your head with sound of a faraway galaxy.

Diamanda Galas (Genre: Rock, experimental, goth, and just plain scary)

Pianist and vocalist Diamanda Galas has been on the music scene for a long time, scaring audiences with her banshee-like three-and-a-half octave range. She knows how to rip you from your sunshiney life and bring you down to the bottomless dregs of your soul's most hidden despairs. From low-key performances of Gloomy Sunday to her British Rock days, Galas has proven that she can captivate any audience with her low drones and ear-piercing shrieks and howls. Definitely not music for the soft-hearted!

Bjork (Genre: Electronic, ambient, pop, vocal, experimental)

Icelandic music giant Bjork has successfully rocked the music world with her electronic pulsating beats, avant-garde video and ambient vocals.

Laurie Anderson Big Science (Genre: Experimental, electronic, pop, narrative)

From her days as Warner Brothers' pop icon, to her current political piece, Homeland, Laurie Anderson's performances borrow freely from the latest headlines, technological breakthrough's, pop music, and even from her pet dog. Her legendary work, "O Superman" is available in the DVD set for Big Science. Be sure to check it out for an amazing, and electronically charged, experience.

Keiko Abe Marimba Fantasy (Genre: Classical, Japanese classical music, classical music, marimba music)

Japanese marimba virtuoso Keiko Abe incorporated lightening-speed melodic ostinatos with traditional Japanese melodies to create passionate musical marimba compositions. These works often begin as meditative ideas that suddenly explode in a barrage of fiery notes.


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