NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON
NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

6 Life-Changing Hacks to Relaxation with Art and Music

You do not have to be a professional concert pianist, a successful painter, or a published poet to use art, music, and poetry to relax and relieve stress. Follow these stress relieving art, music, and poetry activities below to relax and minimize daily stress in your life.

1. Take a sketch pad and some crayons and go on an art and nature walk
Take some scrap paper (even computer paper will do) and go on a stress free nature walk. Find a quiet spot, and using crayons or color pencils, attempt to draw your art impressions of what you see. The point is not to recreate the scene exactly, but to allow your feelings and emotions to flow through your arm to the paper and to relax. You can choose to keep your art organized in an art journal or maybe just throw it away afterward. Choose simple, stress free art subjects, like a single flower or tree and concentrate on how the gesture of drawing relieves stress and allows you to relax.
2. Create your own poetry journal and relieve stress by putting your thoughts into words
Writing your thoughts down into poetry form will allow you to express inner emotions and turmoils indirectly. You can write whatever you wish about whatever you wish and choose never to share the inner workings of your thoughts. You will be amazed with how well expressing your emotions can relax you and minimize inner stress.

3. Visit an art gallery or art museum to relax
Take the time to visit an art gallery or local art museum during your stress filled week. Instead of rushing through each art gallery space, take the time to pause in front of each art piece. Imagine what the artist was thinking when they creating the art work. Read about the art piece, and take in the colors, shapes, forms, and subject matter. Learn to relax and simply concentrate on a single art piece for a long period of time.
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4. Quietly listen to soothing music
Find a quiet place and play soothing classical music and soft electronic music. Close your eyes and take in the sounds of the music instruments. Follow slow moving music lines and melodies in your mind. Imagine what the sounds would look like. If you want, attempt to watercolor the sounds onto paper using simple abstract art painting gestures.

5. Improvise music using your feelings and emotions on a piano keyboard or drum to relieve stress
If you have access to a piano or drum, play out your emotions through music improvisation. It does not matter if you have never played a music note in your life. If you have a music skill to play other music instruments, such as a flute or guitar, play out your emotions on your chosen music instrument. You might even choose to sing out your favorite mournful music tune or sing along with your favorite music artist.

6. Go outside and create experimental art using action painting to really relieve stress
This is an excellent art activity if you have children present or need to get out pent up stress. Grab a large piece of poster paper or butcher paper, containers of paint, and a brush for each person. If you do not have enough art brushes, you can use wooden or plastic spoons. Go outside and find a place that you can make a mess. Place the paper on the ground, and dip your art brush deep into the paint, leaving it dripping. Making wide and large gestures, begin "splattering" paint all over the paper. Continue with different colors. There is no right or wrong way to do action art painting. Enjoy releasing stress and emotion with each large gesture.


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