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Educate Your Audience and Write Your Ticket

It turns out that just about every audience loves to learn something while they’re being entertained.
In today’s Educate and Entertain article, I’m going to explain how making this shift has allowed me to literally write my own rules in terms of the types of gigs I do (and don’t do), what I charge, how often I travel, how far, how long my gigs last, and more.
I realize it sounds a bit pretentious to say “educate your audience,” as if somehow they are uneducated before they arrive at your performance.
I don’t mean it that way at all.
What I mean is that separate from your artform, you probably have some really specialized and interesting knowledge around one or more topics that you’re passionate about.
The day I started to combine some informative, “enlightening” content with my musical performances is the day my career changed permanently, and for the better.
"You need to read this article. I thought it was helpful and had to share this with everything. There are some incredible ways to reach audiences in this article." - S. Pena Young


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