Electronica Dance DJ Divas Only: $14.99 Five Star Music Coaching and Critique at Music Xray

Dance, trance, D&B, techno, house, trip hop, downtempo, experimental, etc. If you have an electronic track, I want to hear it! I have coached over 150 Musicians.

Click for Affordable Music Coaching only $14.99

I will give you customized and detailed music coaching at Music Xray for: 

1. Music Marketing 
2. Mixing 
3. Musicality 
4. Vocal Tips
5. Tips on drums, keys, rhythm section 
6. Suggestions for possible markets 
7. Current opportunities and contacts for exposure 
8. How to improve the song 
9. Enhancing overall quality 
10. Mastering And more... 
Interested in individualized one on one attention? Enjoy personal artist development.

Over 150 Music Xray Artists helped by Music Pro Advice! Get detailed and honest insider music pro advice from a seasoned professional with over 15 years of professional music experience: commercial music, radio, film music, electronica, multimedia, classical music, world music, mixing, mastering, production and more. I love listening to new music and helping emerging artists reach the next level in their musical careers. No sugarcoating here. 

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned musician, I can help you reach the next musical level, find ways to market your music, and give you the musical advice you can't find anywhere else. Want to make it big, but don't know what you need to do to fix your track or mix? I will give you an honest critique of your music/song. Professional composer with over a fifteen years' experience in commercial music, electronica, classical music, world music, and more. Will help you reach the next level in your music. 

And if I dig your piece, a quotable quote will be included for use on your website and promotional materials. So share your music and find out how you can get it to the next level! Over 150 Music Xray Artists have benefitted from Music Pro Advice. Priceless Musical Advice at a Low Price Can't wait to hear your mix!


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