How to Get Gigs Teaching in Schools

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How to Get Gigs in Schools

I’ll never forget my first performance for a group of school kids.
It was January 1995, and at the time I was what you would call a “gigging musician.”
My normal routine back then involved rolling out of bed sometime between 9:00am and Noon (depending on how late the night before had been), perhaps teaching a few guitar students during the day, and then playing out that night in a bar where the band might start at 11pm. Or 11:30pm.
(Famously, the bars in Buffalo NY where I live stay open until 4am, so everything tends to start a bit later…)

"This is a great article and something that any serious artist should check out! Had to share!" - S. Pena Young


Dave Ruch said…
Thanks for sharing Sabrina!

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