Nano Opera: The Rise, Triumph, and Fiery Demise of Robotika

"Nano Opera: The Rise, Triumph, and Fiery Demise of Robotika" is an exhaustive opera in 3 acts. In Act 1 we meet the fledgling Robotika adrift in outer space. During the riveting battle scene in Act 2, the evil antagonist Teknilateroa betrays Robotika in a scintillating battle of wits. Act III begins with a massive explosion as Robotika accidently hits the big red button that destroys the galaxy's second quadrant.

The opera ends with Robotika's ashes again adrift in the multiverse. Sabrina Pena Young 


Obsessive sci-fi buff and composer Sabrina Pena Young writes mind-numbing electroacoustic works heard in Asia, the Americas, Australia, and Europe. Her music has been heard in film festivals, radio, electronic dance clubs, random boom boxes in France, and as not-so-pleasant background music. Young's latest project is Libertaria: The Virtual Opera, a futuristic and slightly psychotic sci-fi electronic opera about evil geneticists, psychedelic pharmaceuticals, and lost love.


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