NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON
NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

Promote Your Music for Free: 6 Great Music Sites

Promote your music for free using these online sources. The economy is bust, unemployment rates are skyrocketing, and no one but CEOs are making money. Promoting your band's latest album might seem like last on a long list of priorities, but take heart. These free online sources will help you promote your music with you having to shell out any money.

You can Promote Your Band for Free!

Reverb Nation
Reverb Nation helps you set up a widget, upcoming music concert dates, press releases, photos, videos, and stores for your fans to buy your band 's music. Also, you can manage your fans, set up a virtual "street team", where band fans go out and promote your music for you. You can set up free downloads or listen only music tracks. Additional music promotion features are provided for paying members, but the free promotion features are great for someone needed to promote music but who has little money.

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Soundcloud is a great way to share your music and quickly create embed codes. The free version limits how much you can upload but you can share your music with your fans around the globe. Even big name artists are using soundcloud.

Create a band blog for free at Blogger. Set up a generic blog, then update it regularly with photos, videos, and journal entries of your band's latest antics. You can opt to add keywords to your posts, which will make it searchable through google, link up with other musician's, have fans subscribe to the band blog, add a blog roll of other musician's, and add widgets from other promotion sources. Also, you can set up Google Adsense, and generate a modest revenue through hits to your band music blog.

I love bandcamp. You can post up an unlimited number of albums for free, and include freebies like sheet music and more for your bands. You have options to stream your music to fans, sell your entire catalog for a discounted price, and fans can even download albums for free. 

Facebook My Band Feature
Not a great tool, to be honest, since Facebook buries the My Band tab, but it can still be useful.

You Tube
Set up a You Tube Musician account and upload performances, music videos, and vlogs (video logs) for free. The best feature of You Tube is the free HTML code provided, which you can then post on websites, blogs, and other online sites. You could also hope for internet fame with zany videos that generate a large number of hits. A few bands, actors, and musicians, have gained fame through You Tube. However, keep in mind that You Tube is now well over 50% corporate sponsored, and the little guy does not always get through.

Sabrina Pena Young is an award-winning composer, writer, and music technologist consultant. Hire her for your next commission, to help you through your next album, or for music licensing. Contact Sabrina at .


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