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3 Super FUN and EASY Summer Art Projects for Preschoolers

kids paintingThis summer enjoy making fun and inexpensive summer art projects with your preschooler. Whether you are a parent enjoying vacation time with your child, a camp counselor trying to create age appropriate art projects, or just a teacher wanting easy ways to create art with preschoolers, you will enjoy these fun, easy, and cheap art projects especially designed for early childhood.

Preschool Summer Art Project 1: Snazzy Silly Sunglasses!
You will need construction paper, cellophane (clear or blue), glitter, markers, glue, and scissors. Have extra fun art supplies like sequins stamps or stickers handy for some extra pizazz!

Draw a large pair of sunglasses on a large piece of construction paper. Cut out the holes. Let your preschooler decorate the sunglasses with as much glitter, marker scribbles, sequins, and stickers as he or she wants. When your preschooler is finished, tape or glue the cellophane to make the lenses for the silly sunglasses. Take some fun photos with the sunglasses or hang them in your preschooler's room.

Enjoy this Bestselling Children's Picture Book on Your Amazon Kindle
Parents and kids alike will love this delightful picture book. Baby plays with her shoes, takes them on and off, and makes silly faces. Every grandparent, parent, and teacher will enjoy sharing these adorable illustrations with their little ones. An excellent addition to any children's library at home, school, or church. Baby Shoes will bring a smile to your little one's face.

Preschool Summer Art Project 2: Fishy Bubble Pictures
You will need bottle of bubbles with a wand, thick art paper, food coloring, string, clothespins, and markers.

kid art
Set up a string outside and pin several sheets of paper to the line with the clothespins. Make sure the string is not too tall for your preschooler. Pour some of the bubble solution into a shallow dish and pour a little bit of food coloring in the bubble solution. Take turns blowing bubbles onto the paper.

When the paper dries, let your preschooler use their imagination and some markers to make the circles left by the bubbles into fish. They can draw tails, fins, and scales. Add fun fishy googly eyes for extra art fun.

Preschool Summer Art Project 3: Sand Drawings
Enjoy going to the beach this summer with your preschooler and make some fun sand art. While you can enjoy making drawings in the sand and photographing them, you can also take home some lovely art from the beach.

You will need thick paper, sand, small shells, and glue. Have your preschooler draw a picture with the glue onto the paper. Do not worry if the child pours too much glue. For best results, guide them and make the art project outside.

Once your preschooler has finished adding glue to the paper, help your child pour sand all over the paper. Wait a few minutes, then pick up the paper and watch the amazement of your child as their picture magically appears! Add small shells you find at the beach to your fun art picture and frame your fun summer memories when you go home.

Red Panda Zoo's bright and beautiful images bring the zoo to life in Spanish and English. Infants and toddlers will enjoy the exciting pictures. Young readers will learn over 20 English and Spanish animal names. Red Panda Zoo includes a complete Spanish-English vocabulary list at the end of the book as a teaching aid for educators and parents.



Music Secrets: How to Write an Opera, Part 1

Feel like writing an opera is only for big name composers with big budgets? Or are you willing to take the plunge and create a work in one of the most compelling and cutting edge musical opera?

Almost two years ago I embarked on the largest musical production I have created to date -  Libertaria: The Virtual Opera. After writing the award-winning Creation Oratorio and dozens of multimedia works, I wanted to combine my love of the audio and the visual into a single large scale work. 

Find a Great Dramatic Story
You need a strong story to write a compelling opera. Fortunately you can easily borrow from thousands of public domain works and modernize them. Think of West Side Story (just a contemporary version of Shakespear's Romeo and Juliet).
Many great operas use Shakespeare, the Brothers Grimm, and Biblical stories, all of which include interesting characters, strong themes, and action.
Libertaria borrows heavily from messianic stories, but is set in the future and changed…

Free Classical Sheet Music and Free Opera Downloads @ Scribd

Sheet Music (Photo credit: jayneandd)Awhile ago I decided that I would upload the bulk of my music scores and sheet music to sites like Scribd, the Petrucci Music Library, and for free sheet music downloads. Some musicians told me that it was ridiculous to give away my music. The truth is that I don't depend on music publishing sales of my scores, and I would rather inspire a young piano student, percussion ensemble, opera singer, grandma, bored music student, or music teacher to play and study my music than hold on tight to my copyrights and let my music scores collect virtual dust on my hard drive. 

The Petrucci Library, Scribd, and all have dozens of free music scores available for choir, vocal solos, piano, percussion, orchestra, opera, multimedia works, and more. You can see a short list of available free sheet music by checking out the Scores page.

You might want to check out scores to my modern opera Libertaria: The Virtual Opera, an exciting sci-fi o…

What is Blue? and other Post Postmodernist Thoughts

1000 Pennies for Your Thoughts - NARA - 534149 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)One of my many hats is online university instructor. I teach courses in Media and Music History. In my Media in American Society class, we discuss many aspects of media, including truth in media, media conglomeration, marketing, advertising, and the like. 

Today my students had an intriguing discussion/debate online about news and partisan politics. The debate was a healthy one, with some students claiming that they see all sides, others describing their favorite political pundits, and others lamenting the lack of authenticity in the media today. In the end, the fact that there would be no answer to today's questions, largely due to the lack of authenticity and the inability to trust anything in print, online, on a TV, spoken by a political leader, etc. etc., I brought up a short discussion on postmodernism, postpostmodernism, and its effects on American culture. 

Here is a small snippet that I thought would be …

Got the Election Blues? Animated Sci Fi Musical Showing TODAY in Buffalo New York 3:15pm EST at the Screening Room Cafe 3131 Sheridan Drive, Northtown Plaza Amherst, NY

Got the Election Blues? Animated Sci Fi Musical Showing TODAY in Buffalo New York3:15pm EST at the Screening Room Cafe 3131 Sheridan Drive, Northtown Plaza Amherst, NY Libertaria The Virtual Opera At the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival

What the critics are saying about Libertaria: The Virtual Opera: “One of my favorite things about this story is its odd apocalyptic tone and strong sci-fi/fantasy foundation. The dark quality that comes with it is the cherry on top.” –
“...As a story, it is very much in line with the good-vs.-evil sci-fi tradition, with the added bonus of a plucky female heroine…There are a good many percussion effects in the #opera, and its tone is primarily quite dark and sinister, very much along the lines of a contemporary video game score.” Palm Beach Arts Paper Music Critic Greg Stepanich
Based on the "groundbreaking" and "epic" animation sci-fi film

How to Make Epic Film Music: Getting Started

SONG FOR THE FORGOTTEN ROSE - Beautiful Piano Solo Classical Music

In this beautiful romantic classical music work  a forgotten flower finds redemption when she is rescued by a traveler. Composed by award-winning composerSabrina Pena Young for her wedding day. Dedicated to Nathan Young.  Scores are available through the composer's website ( and the Petrucci Library. ASCAP. Pena Young Publishing.


In the Garden of Life

Midnight hid the scarlet Rose

Wilted and torn, she cried to the Heavens

Petals upturned, imploring of God,

The Grace shine down from the Mountain

In this land journey a stalwart traveler

Alone, he had conquered roads forgotten

This path had led him through hills and valleys

His search for beauty

And God, looking down upon his creation

saw what they could not see

Hope in the hands of the Great Orchestrator

in the form of a rose and a man

Buried in the shadows

The wanderer stumbled and fell on roots he could not see

Lying among weeds

His eyes alighted on Beauty

For there, near h…

Haiti Disaster Relief Efforts Hurricane Matthew Needs Blankets, Sheets, Pillows, Donations as Death Toll Rises

New Missions in Haiti and the Dominican Republic are collecting NEW blankets, pillows, sheets for Haiti. Send to: New Missions
2500 Sand Lake Rd
Orlando, Fl 32809 Financial Donations Additional Information: HELP HAITI: In the wake of #hurricaneMatthew please continue to pray. We have these ways you can help #Haiti now:
1. Donate
2. Pack shoebox gifts
3. Collect pairs of new sneakers
4. Send new pillows, blankets, and sheets  New Missions is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, serving in Haiti since 1983 and the Dominican Republic since 2000. Your financial gift is tax deductible.
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