Performance Art Based on 9/11 - Conversations on a Bus

Conversations on a Bus - Performance Art Inspired by 9/11

This is an older  performance art work based on the actual conversations on the day after September 11th. Conversations were mundane, like "I would never pay that much for a hog!" or concerns like "What's going to happen to the transportation system?" to sheer disbelief at the American tragedy "Dead!" This is an example of what I would like to call "simultaneous poetry", where six different actors read out their poetic lines at the same time, in slightly structured randomness, Based on Fluxus performance art.

The performance artists each carried a newspaper with their lines and wandered in and out of the audience like someone that was in a bus and intruding on each other's space, sitting next to the audience, talking to them, and just not leaving them alone.

Eventually the lighthearted conversation gives way to more serious declarations of fear and terror and shock, until the final actor leaves the "bus", exiting the auditorium.


Cherie Wallace

Dave Arndt

Will Sekajipo

Watson Dorelus

Sabrina Pena Young

Jerry Dean

This performance took place as part of a larger production called Flower in the Sidewalk, which was an urban arts showcase about living in inner city tampa.


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