NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON
NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

NEW EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE for Composer Boot Camp 101: 50 Exercises for Music Educators, Students and Music Professionals

50 Exercises for Music Educators, Students and Music Professionals

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Want to write music? Want to teach your students how to write music?



"Excellent ideas for young composers, and brilliant ways to get unstuck if you're a mature composer." - 5 STAR Customer Review

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Composer Boot Camp is a series of 50 exercises for educators and beginning, intermediate, and advanced musicians who want to develop their skills in composition. Composer Boot Camp is available through Amazon and other retailers in hardback and kindle editions spring 2016. The 

Composer Boot Camp 101 workbook is designed to help educators, students, and seasoned professionals to hone their compositional craft. There are a series of exercises, helpful tips, resources, and more to help the musician prepare a solid foundation in music composition developed by award-winning composer and music educator Sabrina Pena Young. Exercises are divided into four sections:

 BEGINNER LEVEL EXERCISES Appropriate for young students, adult learners, and those who do not yet read music. INTERMEDIA LEVEL EXERCISES Appropriate for high school students, music educators, college students, and musicians who want to learn how to write music. ADVANCED LEVEL EXERCISES For advanced college students, composers, music educators, and musicians with a strong grasp of music theory and performance who want to continue to excel in the craft of composition. TECHNOLOGY EXERCISES: Exercises for Intermediate to Advanced musicians who want to incorporate technology with their songcraft. There are exercises on many aspects of composition, from songwriting and lyrics to rhythm and melody. An additional section has been added that addresses technology, as well as the essay “On Writing for Multimedia”. The Main Subjects covered in this exercise workbook are:
  • INSPIRATION - Learn how to kickstart a musical idea
  • MELODY - Focus on developing melody
  • RHYTHM - Exercise rhythmic skill
  • HARMONY - Explore harmonic improvisation and tonal harmony
  • ORCHESTRATION - Write for instrumental and vocal ensembles
"Unlike a complex method book, this book focuses on practical exercises that I have used myself as a composer or when instructing students. Educators will find a wide expanse of exercises here focuses on inspiration, melody, rhythm orchestration, and harmony. Students and professional composers will find exercises that will hone their musical skills and help them soar to the next level." - S Young

 A 21st CENTURY WORKBOOK An extra section on Technology brings composition to the 21st century and covers basic exercises for advanced students, educators, and composers to practice to develop composing to multimedia. These are key skills for any musician hoping to be marketable. Additional online resources are incorporated into the workbook. [gallery ids="635,634,636" type="square" link="none"]  


Many of the classical scores needed for Composer Bootcamp 101 can be found for free at the online Petrucci Library: Access Music Theory.Net's Matrix Calculator: Musical U: Easy Ear Training:

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Award-winning composer Sabrina Peña Young is the foremost expert on virtual opera production and online collaboration. In 2013 she debuted her “groundbreaking” and “epic” machinima opera Libertaria: The Virtual Opera. Young presented a TED Talk on her opera and arts online collaboration at TEDxBuffalo in New York. Libertaria has been screened worldwide at the Buffalo Women and Arts Festival, the Holland Animation Festival, the UK-based site Moviestorm, and in New York City’s Opera America. Her works have been presented at the Beijing Conservatory, the International Computer Music Conference, the Athena Festival, the New York International Independent Film Festival, Art Basil Miami, Turkey’s Cinema for Peace, Art Miami, the Pulsefield International Exhibition of Sound Art, the Holland Animation Film Festival, the Australasain Computer Music Conference, the Deep Listening Gallery, TEDx, public radio, and countless venues worldwide. Her writings can be found in numerous music journals and publications including the SEAMUS Music Journal, YAHOO!, the IAWM Music Journal, Panpipes, Music Gateway, the New Music Box, and arts websites. Young is currently working on the novel series The Libertaria Chronicles and is in preproduction for the children’s video game opera Alicia and the White Rabbit. Sabrina Peña Young is a sought-after lecturer, strategic consultant, and writer on music technology, social media, online collaboration, artist development, marketing, and contemporary music.      


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