3 Horrible Music Scores: Real Classical Composer Confession

3 Horrible Music Scores: Real Composer Confession

I admit it, as a classical composer I have made some absolutely HORRIBLE music mistakes in my compositions. Some of them I can chalka up to being a student composer trying too hard to impress while knowing little of what makes actual sense to a performer, part of it probably was simply time constraint, and some of it, well, I guess it's just lack of sleep. 

In any case, here are 3 Horribly REAL composer mistakes that I have made in my scores.

1. Music Lyrics Disaster

I don't know what I was thinking, but clearly I had no idea how to really write out lyrics for this choral work that I wrote in college. Seriously? What IS this? Fre-sh? NOT!

2. Ugly Composer Manuscript

My undergrad prof made us all write out our scores by hand, mainly to avoid too much dependence on computers to write our music for us. All the same, this is one UGLY manuscript. BTW, you can download this flute solo HERE: http://imslp.org/wiki/Airborn_Sand_(Young,_Sabrina_Pena)

3. Uhm, Whatever THIS Sheet Music Score is Supposed to Be

The notes say this is written for the "Most Irritating Instruments You Can Find". Apparently I was channeling my inner Dada.


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