Buffalo Halloween Horror Short Film - The Pearl of Tia Maria Magdelena (Mommy-Daughter Film Project)

In this Buffalo based Halloween horror short film, the evil soul of the deceased Tia Maria Magdalena Garcia haunts her niece Josefina, who is in search of her aunt's precious pearl necklace. In the style of Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles, and other cult Horror film classics.

Award-winning composer and Buffalo filmmaker Sabrina Pena Young created this campy horror film with her daughter, who was delighted to play the role of a scary ghost. Filmed in the course of a few days, The Pearl of Tia Maria Magdalena is a fun haunted flick for your Halloween.


Original Soundtrack
"Virelaan" by Sabrina Pena Young
from the
The Pearl of Tia Maria Magdalena Soundtrack
Available at itunes

Filmed in Buffalo, New York

Created for the Buffalo Movie and Video Makers Annual Shorty Contest

Halloween 2016

I had a great time creating this fun film with my daughter. We had to shoot in two days. We shot all the scenes without her in ghost makeup on one day and then her in costume the second day. While we did the cemetery scene, it started to drizzle, so we only had three takes for that scene. The entire film was shot at our home. Most of the props were purchased from the dollar store nearby. Because my daughter had lost several teeth over the summer, she had fun making a scary face with her missing teeth. This was a fun mommy-daughter film project. :)

I hope you enjoy!


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