NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON
NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

"MAN WHO 'SAVED' THE MOVIES": Film Composer's Roundtable Discussion - PT 1

On Aug. 29th, 2013, the crew of the documentary film, STEVE VERTLIEB: THE MAN WHO "SAVED" THE MOVIES, met with Steve, his brother Erwin and an assemblage of some of Hollywood's most respected composer / orchestrators, at the San Pedro home of Mark McKenzie (orch. - YOUNG SHERLOCK HOLMES, DANCES WITH WOLVES / comp. - THE GREATEST MIRACLE, THE ULTIMATE LIFE). Originally planned more as a "one-at-a-time" / one-on-one interview with each individual composer, upon their launching into a lively discussion on the current state-of-the-film-music-arts (this as we set up our equipment), the decision was quickly made to scrap the previous plan in favor of continuing with the more spirited impromptu "roundtable" style syposium which had already begun. The participants include Steve and Erwin Vertlieb, orchestrator Patrick Russ (GHOSTBUSTERS, FAR FROM HEAVEN, GORILLAS IN THE MIST, THE WOLVERINE), guitarist Gregg Nestor (REMEMBRANCES: A SPANISH JOURNEY, THE MIKLOS ROZSA COLLECTION), composer Lee Holdridge (SPLASH, EAST OF EDEN, OLD GRINGO, tv's MOONLIGHTING, THE MISTS OF AVALON, INTO THE ARMS OF STRANGERS: STORIES OF THE KINDERTRASPORT) and Mr. McKenzie. - CEJ

A film lovers ode to a love of film, STEVE VERTLIEB: THE MAN WHO "SAVED" THE MOVIES chronicles the colorful life and career of the titular cinema journalist, educator and archivist (hence the parenthetical "Saved" in the title). Hopscotching during the Summer and Fall months of 2013 from Pittsburgh to L.A. to Philadelphia, the upcoming feature has captured all new intimate interviews with some of Mr. Vertlieb's closest friends and cohorts - incl. film music's Juliet Rozsa (daughter of Oscar winning BEN-HUR, DOUBLE INDEMNITY composer Miklos Rozsa), along with composers Lee Holdridge and Mark McKenzie, dir. Phillipe Mora, actors Veronica Carlson and Paul Clemons, journalists Terry Pace and Leonard Kohl, as well as all new commentary from genre favorites Tom Savini, actors George Kosana (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD), Robert Dix (FORBIDDEN PLANET), Pat Priest & Butch Patrick (THE MUNSTERS), Greg Palmer (THE SHOOTIST) and many more. 

"STEVE VERTLIEB: THE MAN WHO 'SAVED' THE MOVIES" on YouTube is a channel of The GullCottage/Sandlot, a film blog and growing reference library "Celebrating The Art of Cinema, ... And Cinema As Art"

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