FREE FILM EVENT!: Buffalo Movie and Video Makers Film Contest TONIGHT!

  • Buffalo Movie and Video Makers Film Contest TONIGHT! 

    Monday, March 20, 2017

  • The Screening Room in the Boulevard Mall

    880 Alberta Drive, BuffaloNY (map)


    It’s time for our second film contest of the 2016-2017 season! Depending on the number of submitted entries and their combined length, we’ll try to show all the entries in their entirety at this meeting. However, if that turns out to be impractical - for example, if everybody who is eligible to submit a film did so and each entry were the 30 minute maximum (and holy cats! Wouldn’t THAT be something!) - we will apply Rule 2, and show the first 10 minutes of each film. However, when the winner is announced at the April meeting, the entire entry will be re-screened at that time.
    Good luck!

    Come check out the latest films from local Buffalo, New York Filmmakers at the Buffalo Move and video Makers Film Contest TONIGHT at the Screening Room! 
    Mingle with regional filmmakers, talk shop about the latest filmmaking techniques, and support local businesses! 


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