Indie Music Marketing: How to Get More Music Exposure & Sales on Youtube

Indie music marketing is easy when you learn what works and what doesn't work. When you watch this video, you will learn some easy youtube music marketing tips that can help you get more views and make more sales from your music videos on youtube. 

Discover how musicians are leaving money on the table. You will learn how you can easily get more views to your music videos just by watching what the major music superstars do to promote their videos. 

One you watch this indie music marketing video, you will realize how hard you are making things. You will begin to see that you can get a lot of exposure even as an indie musician, once you apply these tips on how to market your music on youtube. 
0:10 indie music marketing on a budget
8:46 indie music marketing on a budget series
8:54 the internet to market your music
9:02 marketing your music
10:25 music marketing on a budget series


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