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In a post-USA dystopia the teen rebel Libertaria escapes from a GenTech death factory and pairs up with her addict father to overthrow the evil Collective in the exciting machinima opera by award-winning composer Sabrina Pena Young.

Libertaria Soundtrack (Special Edition)

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Official Libertaria Website:

World Premier October 5th, 2013

Lake Worth Florida 3PM

More about Libertaria:

Mind-blowing epic video game electronic music mashed with soaring sci-fi symphonic sounds and dramatic vocals unite in the long-awaited original soundtrack for Libertaria:The Virtual Opera, a new cutting edge machinima film by award-winning composer Sabrina Pena Young. Love the Hunger Games, Les Miserables, Repo: The Genetic Opera, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Blade Runner, or Phantom of the Opera? Add Libertaria to your sonic collection! Libertaria's music blows your mind into the next millennium!

In a post-USA dystopia the young teen Libertaria escapes from the GenTech Death Factory and pairs up with her addict father Simeon to blow up evil reverse-aging geneticists called the Collective. Searching for the mysterious Nurse that saved her life and is now buried deep within the dark soul of the Factory, Libertaria and Simeon lead a rag tag army of cyborgs, kids, and misfits against their high tech overlords. In an epic musical finale, Libertaria finds that she must save the world in order to save herself!

The Libertaria Film Soundtrack was produced entirely online with a talented cast from all over the United States. From rock stars to opera divas, the Libertaria cast dedicated two years to creating this incredible musical theater album. The Libertaria cast includes emerging opera stars Kate Sikora and Gracia Gillund, Miami-based actress Gretchen Suarez-Pena, indie rocker Matt Meadows and uber-genius Perry R. Cook, popular pop singer Joe Cameron, dedicated singer/pianist Yvette Teel and up-and-coming talents like Jennifer Hermansky. Film composer Patrick Rundbladh at P.R. Music Productions mastered the vocals for this exciting new rock opera album!

An award-winning composer, obsessive sci-fi buff, gamer, Latin diva, and super Star Wars fan, Sabrina Pena Young creates mind-bending futuristic multimedia works performed throughout Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Australia at venues like the Beijing Conservatory, the New York International Independent Film Festival, Art Basil Miami, Art Miami, Miramax's Project Greenlight, the Australasian Computer Music Conference, Turkey's Cinema for Peace, El Instituto de Habana de la Musica, and countless other venues. Recent projects include the film score for cartoonist Rob Cabrera's award-winning animated short "Monica" and the Creation Oratorio, a large scale apocalyptic multimedia choral work for women's chorus, electronica, and Africo-Cuban drumming ensemble.

In 2010 Young embarked on a new journey as she developed the idea of a virtual electronic musical. Starting as a short story about a young geneticist that found that she was experimenting on her own mother, the idea for Libertaria exploded into an epic tale about a young hero combating evil geneticists in a post-nuclear war world where the USA has splintered into several factions, the young and the old are preyed upon by the government, and the only hope for freedom depends on a secret Underground militia made up of cyborgs, children, and misfits led by a runaway teen rebel!

Libertaria is an animated machinima tale for our time, the proverbial hero tale of the underdog saving the world!

Contact the director:

Directed by Sabrina Pena Young

Cast (In Alphabetical Order)

Joe Cameron

Perry R. Cook

Gracia Gillund

Jennifer Hermansky

Matthew Meadows

Kate Sikora

Gretchen Suarez-Pena

Yvette Teel

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