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A straightforward do-it-yourself manual, this guide will help composers at all levels create the best-sounding scores quickly and cost effectively—without jeopardizing their art.

By composer & orchestrator Jeremy Borum

If you are afflicted with the idea that a commercial working composer can also be a pure artist, the best thing you can do is get over yourself right away. In the music industry composers can be artists, but they are service providers first and artists second. They are serving a film, TV show, game, or advertisement, and many of those products do not require music that is ground breaking or thought provoking. Composers often need to write fairly simple functional music that does a job in a very specific way. At times there is a need for great artistry, but other times the right music for the job is not a work of art that makes the composer proud. There is no room for an artistic ego in the world of commercial composing because scoring is often more like a craft than like an art. If you want to sustain a career as a professional composer you can’t be precious about your music.


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