NEW Songwriting Workshop in Buffalo New York

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Ever wanted to write music but had serious writer's block or just didn't even know how to start? Well, I am excited to tell you about a NEW Songwriting Workshop in Buffalo New York. Work on writing original songs while also practicing musical skills with fun and challenging exercises within a supportive music community! 

Not in the Buffalo, New York Area? That's okay! You can download Songwriting 101 right to your computer or Kindle device! 

Songwriting 101: 30 Exercises for Educators, Students, and Music Professionals 

Songwriting 101 is a series of 30 exercises for educators and beginning, intermediate, and advanced musicians who want to develop their skills in composition. This music workbook is designed to help educators, students, and seasoned professionals to hone their compositional craft in melody, harmony, rhythm, arranging, and lyric writing. There are a series of exercises, helpful tips, resources, and more to help the musician prepare a solid foundation in music composition developed by award-winning composer and music educator Sabrina Pena Young.

Exercises are ideal for all ages, in any sort of setting or for private study. Ideal for elementary/high school classrooms, universities, vocal/guitar/piano studios, choir, band/orchestra, and personal study. Besides the initial exercises, numerous variations and professional educator tips are provided to help you adapt these exercises to your specific situation.

I hope to see you at the Songwriter's Workshop! 


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